Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrays

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• 350 Watts Peak Pulse Power (tp=8/20μs) • Protects one I/O Line or Power Line • Low Clamping Voltage
Mechanical Data:
• Molded JEDEC SOD-323 package • Molding compound flammability rating: UL 94V-0 • Packaging: Tape and Reel
• xDSL • SMART Phones • Handheld - Wireless Systems • Portable Navigation


Maximum Ratings and Thermal Characteristics(TA=25℃unless otherwise noted)


Parameter Symbol Value Units
Peak Pulse Power ( tp=8/20μs ) Ppp 350 W
Junction and Storage Temperature Range TJ,TSTG -55 to 150

Electrical Characteristics


Parameter Symbol Value Units
Reverse Stand-Off Voltage VRWM 15 V
Clamping Voltage Vc 33 V
Peak Pulse Current(tp=8/20μs) Ipp 12 A



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