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Company profile

Company profile

ONWE is an innovative supplier of semiconductor products. We are dedicated to provide you high-performance components in circuit protection. These include transient voltage suppressors (TVS and TVS arrays), thyristors. These components deliver safeguard in various electronic systems against lightning, electrostatic discharge (ESD), inductive switching, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). ONWE also offers components in power management, interface and linear products. They include diodes, LED & MOSFET drivers, transistor, switching & LDO regulators, analog switches & controllers, multiplexers, audio control ICs, ASIC, RF and related high frequency products. Our products are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment, including networking & communications, automotive, computing, medical, consumer electronics,  broadcasting & security video, industrial and military.



Business philosophy

  • Customers’ Demands

    Customers’ Demands

    Customers’ demands are ONWE’s driving forces of development. We continuously research and improve,create satisfactions for customer to meet their...

  • Efficiency&Excellence


    Driven by customer needs, we respond to customer’s requirement efficiently and fast. We dedicated to provide excellent products and expertise servic...

  • Openness&Innovation


    We pursue customer-centric innovations in an open mindedness. We believe that business success with customer together is the value of any technology ...

  • Motivation&Inspiration


    We work closely with customer. We motivate and inspire each other on the road to success, in the partnership and in the company.

The enterprise culture

The enterprise culture

ONWE’s vision is to Obtain Nicety With Excellency. By providing high-performance semiconductor components and expertise support, we help our customers to deliver high-reliability and high-efficiency products. By leveraging cooperation with customers, we aim to grow up and to obtain successes with customers together.